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Bangor Blues®! One of the few fruits native to New England, the blueberry, was cherished by early settlers as a staple ingredient.  No doubt - if they could - they would have covered the blueberry in chocolate.  The blueberry remains a cherished ingredient for its taste and health benefits.  Our new Bangor Blues® combine the same high quality specialty chocolate used in our other panned confections, with an added hint of natural blueberry flavor, layered around a sweetened dried blueberry.


Are Bog Beans®, Bangor Blues®, JaMocha Beans® or Jim Bob Willies® available at your local specialty food store, farm market, winery or wine shop? Tell us your favorite store that doesn't carry our products and we'll contact them. If they order , we'll thank you with a special gift. Send your suggestions HERE 

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Item # / SKU:  7800
Brand Name: Bangor Blues®
Bangor Blues® are our most recent creation. We sweeten whole blueberries, envelop them with a thick coating of premium dark or milk chocolate, and add a hint of natural blueberry flavor. Buy four or more 5-ounce boxes of Bangor Blues - any flavor combination, and receive the discounted price of $5.00 for each box.
Our Price:$ 5.99
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Item # / SKU:  7824
Brand Name: Bangor Blues®
Love the 'Blues'....then this bag is for you! This 24 oz. (1 1/2 lbs) Big Bag O' Blues will have you singing their praises. Choose either flavor (Dark or Milk Chocolate). The resealable bag will keep them fresh for a long time.
Our Price:$ 17.99
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