Bog Beans® (Dark or Milk)

Bog Beans® (Dark or Milk)
Brand Name: Bog Beans®
Item#/SKU: 5800
Bog Beans® are the original chocolate covered cranberry: created on Cape Cod, utilizing native sweetened dried cranberries, which are surrounded by premium all natural chocolate, with just a hint of fresh fruit flavor. Choose from our Dark Chocolate Bog Beans - with a hint of raspberry, or our Milk Chocolate Bog Beans - with a hint of orange flavor. ORIGINAL, AUTHENTIC, DELICIOUS! If you tasted the others, you know Bog Beans are the best. Buy four or more 5-ounce boxes of Bog Beans - any flavor combination - and receive the discounted price of $5.00 for each box.

Select QTY SKU Your Choice of Chocolate Unit Price
58001  Dark Chocolate $5.99
58002  Milk Chocolate $5.99
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