Big Box of Bog Beans®
Brand Name: Bog Beans®
Item#/SKU: 5724

Big Box of Bog Beans®

One of most popular promotions has been the Big Box of Bog Beans® and as a result, we have decided to make this a permanent offering. And why not? Customer feedback indicates that when purchasing 24 packages, not every package is used for personal consumption. While that may be hard to believe for some - many packages are given as gifts. In addition to showing that the giver has excellent taste, these gifts help spread the word about this original product. So, order Bog Beans® by the case (dark, milk or mixed) and we'll cut the price by a remarkable $30! Just make sure to give a few out.

List Price:$ 120.00

Select QTY SKU Flavor Selection Unit Price
57241  Dark Chocolate $90.00
57242  Milk Chocolate $90.00
57243  Mixed Flavors $90.00

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